Thursday, 14 July 2011

Scope of clinical research after B.pharm

Many of B.pharm completed students those qualified in GPAT or PGCET or who have not qualified are thinking about to join in Clinical research related courses.  In this regard, I would like to give some information about those courses.  The first thing that you do remember is there are opportunities in Clinical research.  Many institutes are offering courses in it.  They are attracting students by saying that they provide placements and charging heavy amount of fee.  Please do not fell into their trap. Clinical research courses are good, opportunities are there, but institutes are not doing well by providing placements, necessary subject required. Clinical research related jobs can be classified broadly into Clinical data management, SAS related, Clinical research associate.  All the B.pharm completed students already know what is clinical research and how it is carried out.  The job of a Clinical research associate is to assist the doctors in monitoring the adverse effects of drugs under trail. After recording the data from subjects, they have to be compiled in a specified format which comes under Clinical data management.  The next step is analyzing the data.  This analysis requires SAS (A statistical software).  The work of CRA (Clinical research associate) is in the site that is hospitals.  According to the study designs(similar to bioavailability study designs, Random block, Incomplete block etc), drugs are administered to different number of subjects and ADRs are monitored. A doctor along with CRA will monitor the ADRs.  This will be documented and handed to the project manager who handles the database of different drugs. A Clinical data manager(CDM) will maintain the databases of different studies and records them in a specified format.  The next step is, analysis of such data.  This is the responsibility of a person who is well thorough with statistics(Biostatistician) who generates the output using SAS and other software. Not all the clinical research related industries necessarily use this SAS software. So, the jobs in these areas are mostly software related.  Person with B.pharm or medical background are preferable because we are familiar with terminology of ADRs while software people are not.  And again we are not so perfect in database management and SAS as software people. So, do remember that we may face competition from software people and medical background persons. Similar to any job, it is difficult to enter into those fields as a fresher by learning some clinical data management, SAS courses. There are opportunities in this field abroad.  But, you need experience first. Salaries are attractive at present for those persons who know about CDM, SAS and CRA. Reference and recommendations are must.  If you want to pursue your career in join in right institutes in Banglore, Hyderabad.

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  1. i am a pharmacy graduate from M S RAMAIAH college of pharmacy ,i am interested in joining clinical sas program,but after this course how much salary i can aspect,and whats the future scope as a bpharm graduate with SAS?

  2. A B.pharm graduate with SAS has opportunities. But as a fresher, have to struggle to enter into the field. Sound knowledge of SAS and certification is required. Accenture, TCS, Parexel and other IT companies have openings based on any science graduation with knowledge on SAS.

  3. i am B.pharm 3rd year student want to join clinical research field plz suggest me what is better field for me and also tell the scope in foreign country.

  4. hai sailesh ,,,,,, am ravi.i am B.pharm 4rth year student want to shift software it prefarable to me and what is the opetunities..... if not what is the best choise to go related to software field .......... pls help me.......

  5. i am a b>pharm fresher and i m interested in clinical research segment. while i can find openings in production. which one would be better?

  6. hi, i completed my b.pharm in 2009 and did MBA ( hr and marketing ) can u suggest me a good software course related to pharmacy so that i can learn and develop a career, i am from bangalore.

  7. Hi Guys!
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    Lastly.. great work shailesh..!!

    Purvit shah

  8. Can you suggest any good SAS training instituites that are trustworthy in Hyderabad.

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  10. hi,i am b.pharm graduate. can u suggest me a good SAS training institutions in hyderabad

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